Assuring the welfare

“Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” (Proverbs 13:11)

Together we contribute to the country’s economic growth, promoting an economy based on free trade, fair competition and favorable investment climate. This is the only path that can take us to the creation of well-paid jobs, to the reduction of immigration and to the assurance of the welfare.

Access to pension

When people reach their retirement age they should be able to enjoy the fruits of their work, no matter where they live. I have recently voted the Law according to which all pensioners who live outside the country could benefit from pension.

I will continue to do my best, in order for all of those who worked in Moldova, to be able to receive their well-deserved pensions, by the means of a simplified transfer procedure of the pension and ensuring the parliamentary control on the execution of new laws.

Investment Fund

The remittances from diaspora play an indispensable role in the economy of the Republic of Moldova, ensuring the increase in the income gained by Moldovans at home. The largest part of the remittances that entered the country in 2018, over $ 1.2 billion, ended in consumption. In order to genuinely re-launch the economy, more resources need to be directed towards investments in businesses. Our citizens from America, have both the necessary resources and the potential to generate new economic initiatives. I will promote the idea of establishing a Fund through which the diaspora from America will be able to invest in the business projects that have a growth potential.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurs are the engine of a country’s economic growth. Their innovative mindset brings ideas to life, creates jobs and raises the living standards for them and for the future generations. The education, innovation and the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit made America to be the world’s strongest economic force.

The economic performance of Moldovan diaspora has proved that we are able to turn business ideas into success. The time has come for the entrepreneurial mindset, which is spread by America in the whole world, to be also brought in the Republic of Moldova.

I will launch an exchange program, through which we will transfer the knowledge from the successful diaspora entrepreneurs to the ambitious entrepreneurs from within the country.