Keeping in touch
with the country

Together we built bridges between America and Moldova, in order to make the voice of the diaspora from across the ocean heard by the authorities from Moldova, USA and Canada.

Representation at home and across the ocean

Thanks to the extensive political and diplomatic experience that I have, I am convinced that I will be able to do what I always did, that is, to represent with dignity the citizens who elected me, regardless of the institutions I was in. The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are the main platforms where I made the voice of our community heard.

Bringing services closer to its citizens

The Moldovan diaspora must obtain passports and civil status documents – easier: without having to travel long distances or wait for months. I will do my best in order to improve the process of obtaining the required papers, focusing on bringing the services closer to its citizens and reducing the waiting timeframe, in such a way, as for it to satisfy, in the best possible manner, the needs of the Moldovans from the USA and Canada.

Preserving the national identity

We are a people who holds traditions, Christian values and a harmonious mother tongue, but who has also undergone a tumultuous history. It is our duty to carry with us, anywhere in the world we go, all our defining values. I will promote projects that will help the children from the USA and Canada to learn the tongue of their parents and ancestors. Parents must prepare their children for the future, and grandparents must tell about their cherished roots and values.

Fighting for
moral values

Assuring the welfare

Together we contribute to the country’s economic growth, promoting an economy based on free trade, fair competition and favorable investment climate.

This is the only path that can take us to the creation of well-paid jobs, to the reduction of immigration and to the assurance of the welfare.

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Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurs are the engine of a country’s economic growth. Their innovative mindset brings ideas to life, creates jobs and raises the living standards for them and for the future generations. The education, innovation and the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit made America to be the world’s strongest economic force.

Investment Fund

Our citizens from America, have both the necessary resources and the potential to generate new economic initiatives. I will promote the idea of establishing a Fund through which the diaspora from America will be able to invest in the business projects that have a growth potential.

Access to pension

I will continue to do my best, in order for all of those who worked in Moldova, to be able to receive their well-deserved pensions, by the means of a simplified transfer procedure of the pension and ensuring the parliamentary control on the execution of new laws.

Discursul de la finalul sesiunii parlamentare

Am încheiat un nou capitol al activității parlamentare din Republica Moldova, iar cu această ocazie am ținut un discurs de totalizare în fața deputaților și a Cabinetului de Miniștri.În acești ani, în loc să construim mai mult și să ținem la prestigiul instituției reprezentantive a poporului, mulți politicieni cad pradă tentației, dublelor standarde și a intereselor înguste de partid sau de grup.Acest sfârșit de mandat este un nou început în care sper ca veninul strâns, vorba poetului, să-l transformăm în miere ca împreună să facem țara mai bună.

Gepostet von Valeriu Ghileţchi am Freitag, 14. Dezember 2018